How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Basement?

It’s nice to have a basement in a house. If you finish the basement, there is another place for people to gather or have guests to entertain. If your basement isn’t waterproof, you risk issues of water leaking in and mold growing. It is something to think about. How much does it cost to fix a basement? The price range is from $1,000 to $6000 The size of the basement, the age of the home, and the type of foundation are all factors.

Why you should know how much it costs to waterproof a basement, reasons to do this, results, factors that affect this, and when to call a professional are some of the reasons you should know.

How much is it to waterproof a basement?

You need to know how much the improvements will cost. You need to plan for it. It is easy to budget and the money is readily available. It may be necessary to move some things around or save money for the work to be done. When we know how much something will cost, we can decide if we need it, and how long we need to save it.

Reasons to Waterproof a Basement

You should think about waterproofing your basement if you are having some issues.

Issues such as:

Missing Downspouts or Gutters

It is important that the water is diverted from the home. You risk water pooling if you don’t have these. This can get into the house. 6 feet is the best distance from the home.

Negative Grading in the Yard

A negative grade can be a factor. The yard goes towards the home. Water enters through the basement. Plants and shrubbery can be put in to help keep the water out. If there are issues with the water in the yard, you may need to think about a drainage system.

Water Pipes That Leak

Take a look at the water pipes and see if there is a problem. If they are leaking, it’s possible that it’s causing the damp in your basement. Polybutylene pipes may be found in your home. These can be seen in the unfinished basement and in the walls.

Do you own plumbing? This material is a good choice for piping. Rodents like it and cause a leak. It’s important to find out what type of plumbing you have and get help with it. Even if you have copper pipes, they can burst and cause a leak. It’s best to have a professional look at it.

If you want to find a water leak in the walls, you should hire a professional. This will help the inspector figure out where the water is coming from.

Groundwater Sits in the Basement

A french drain may be necessary if you have a way to get out of the house. The water is pumped away from the house. Adding a french drain to an existing house is expensive.

Window Leaks When it Rains

The window may be leaking when it rains. If there is a caulking issue, this is a good time to find it. There may be missing flashing as well as a blocked gutter. The chimney, vent, and skylights are where Flashing is installed. Water can get into the home through any place that it can.

Results of Water in the Basement

Health and structural issues can be caused by mold. There are various ways to clean the mold in the basement and you will need to use protective clothing and gloves. The source of the mold will be stopped, the area cleaned, and the surfaces dried.

If you find mold on the concrete in the basement, it’s because the mold will spread.

Rotting Wood

The wood in the basement is rotting. You will need to wear protective gear if you want to take care of mold or other issues. It’s a good idea to contact a professional to find out if anything has changed.

Damaged Walls and Floors

Any water that comes in will cause damage to the walls and floors. You will need to get in touch with a professional to find out what can be saved and what needs to be fixed.

Size of the Basement

The cost for drainage is usually calculated by professionals. If the previous owner did not waterproof the basement, then you will need to tear down the walls and put in new flooring. You will need an estimate for this.

A home built after the 1960’s is likely to have footing that allows water to drain into it. $50-60 per linear foot is the average. A fast track drainage that needs to be installed in homes built before the 1960s can be as high as 80 per linear foot.

Foundation Type

The concrete block will allow water to come in. The lowest block can be used to drill weep-holes.

Cost to Waterproof a Basement

Up to $6,000 will be charged for waterproofing a basement. Some of the charge will be on repairs and additions to the home, as well as it will vary depending on the factors mentioned above.


If you have a small issue, you can use a dehumidifier. It can happen when drying laundry in the home. It won’t work in a bigger area.

A small space can cost about $150 for a dehumidifier. It is possible to pay over 2000 dollars for one. You should consult a professional before spending money on something.

Waterproofing Products

Did you know that there are some products that can stop the water from entering the walls? They can work in small places but may not last long.

$200 per can of paint is the cost.

Install Downspouts or Gutters

In the issues section, it’s mentioned that missing downspouts bowing walls can cause the basement to become damp. If you already have gutter, maybe you only need to repair them or clean them out, which is a lot cheaper.

Downspouts can cost between $500 and 1200 depending on the size of the home.

Weep Holes in Windows

The windows should have a well drain or weep hole. The water comes in and sits on the windowsill and causes wood rot. Older windows need replacing if they don’t have a weep hole.

Grading in the Yard

There are different types of landscaping that can help keep the water away from the home and also from pooling.

Adding vegetation, gravel, and a rain barrel will be cheaper than leveling the land. It would be a nice addition for the look.

Install a French Drain

Adding this to a pre-existing home requires using a jackhammer. If you are building a home, you should do it at the right time because it will add more to the cost of the foundation.

A french drain can cost thousands of dollars to install.

Exterior Weeping Tiles

Plastic pipes are placed outside of the home to collect water before it gets to the wall.

The cost is for the pipe, gravel, and exterior membrane.

Sump Pump (outside of the state of Florida)

In homes with a basement, a sump pump can be very effective. The water in the basin is removed and sent to the yard. It is even more effective if it is combined with a pressure relief system. The water is moved to multiple pumps.

Depending on how many pumps are needed in the home, the cost can be as high as $1100.

Crack in Foundation

If you think there is a problem with the foundation, contact a professional. There are some that you can fix, and some that need a professional to fix. There are many reasons why these happen so a professional can help.

The cost depends on the size of the crack.

Missing Concrete Vapor Barrier

What if the concrete barrier isn’t there? This will be expensive. Some people will tear up the flooring and put in a barrier called Crown Cote. Others may cut out the floors, install a barrier, and then re-pour the floors. The involvement of a professional is necessary.

When to Call a Professional

A professional can help you with a plan. When buying a home, we assume the previous owner put things in place to prevent issues like water in the basement. We are left with the bill because it doesn’t work that way. A home inspection is important because of this.


It can take a long time for a basement to be waterproof. The best solution for the home will require patience. Not sure what to do? Home Inspection Geeks can inspect your basement during your home inspection.

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