How To Manually Open A Garage Door From The Outside

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The garage door opener won’t work because of the power being out. There are steps garage doors services to manually open the garage door. We consulted with different experts to come up with a solution to this problem.

Two relatively common solutions can be used to manually open the garage doors. The first thing to do is use the emergency release system.

Turn the garage door emergency release kit if you have the key. Lift the garage door using the release cord.

The emergency release kit might be in the garage, so use a metal wire to connect it. There are steps for this procedure.

The metal wire can be made into a circle or a hoop. The garage door has gaps in it. There is an emergency release cord. Pull the cord and open the garage door.

There are some risks to manually opening a garage door. Continue reading as we discuss how to open a garage door safely. We will discuss how to manually open this door.

How To Open A Garage Door Safely?

Before attempting to open a garage door manually, make sure to practice safety precautions.

Check Your Fingers

If you don’t pay attention, your fingers can get caught in the garage door’s different parts. The garage door can weigh up to 200 pounds.

Make sure you understand how the door opens so you don’t get caught in it.

Hide Yourself

It is practical to hide your attempt to manually operate the garage door from others. If you want to keep your hands out of the emergency cord on your garage door, use your body’s width.

If you attempt the same process to get into your home, thieves might catch on to that.

No Playing

Some children will get the best of them by trying to ride an opening garage door. Kids should stay clear of the garage door opening range.

Don’t ride the garage door as it opens even if it looks fun. It is possible that your little ones will get injured in the process.

If you want to learn how a garage door opens, read our post.

How do you open a garage door?

Most garage doors have alternate solutions that allow homeowners to open them from the outside if there is a power failure. Many garage door manufacturers have emergency opening options.

Emergency Release

The emergency release system is located in the owner’s manual. You may need to use a light from your vehicle, phone, or flashlight to find the release kit when it’s dark.

You can continue this task once you are found.

The garage door key can be inserted to turn it. The emergency release cord needs to be disconnected to open the door. The garage door needs to be lifted.

You might want to learn more about garage door openers. If that’s the case, you can read our post on the topic to learn more.

Metal Wire

A metal wire can be used to break into a garage. If you want to avoid break-ins from thieves, you need to hide your actions from the public.

If you have a metal wire, you can break into your garage door.

The metal wire should look like a circle. There is a gap between the garage door slats. The wire should be put into the gap. The emergency release cord could be inside the garage. Pull the cord and open the door.

The garage door should be closed after you get inside. The power might not be on when you’re in the house. It’s like leaving the garage door open to thieves.

Call for Professional Help

It might be the best time to call for expert assistance if the two options mentioned above don’t work. There are garage door opening technicians in your area. Inform the company that you’re in an emergency so they can get to you quicker.

You can watch the video to learn how to open your garage door from the outside.

How do you open a window that is not locked?

The sliding garage windows may need to be opened from the outside. You can open the sliding glass panel from the outside if you are in that situation.

A crowbar is used to pry open the glass. If the latch is not secure, you can use a hacksaw blade. You can open the window with the help of the hacksaw. You may need to use a saw to break it if you can’t push it.

How Can I Make My Garage More Secure?

It’s always a good idea to use solutions that can help protect your home. The data shows that 9% of the time, the garage door is used as an entry point.

These methods can be used to prevent instances from occurring.

Install a Home Security System

Property owners can use modern security systems to prevent break-ins. Although a full security system might be too expensive for some people with strict budgets, a wireless camera or a closed circuit television system should suffice.

This part of the house can be difficult to prevent from being accessed.

This garage door security system is on Amazon.

Replace the Garage Door

The lightweight construction of some garage door materials may make them easy to access. There are examples of fiberglass and aluminum. The materials might be easy to break into.

If you have more money, you may want to consider replacing your garage door with a tougher model. Steel and hardwood can be great options for enhancing home security.

Install a Garage Door Opener

Rolling codes are used in garage door openers. The person with the master control can enter the garage. Users can set schedules to prevent access from anyone.

Check out this garage door opener on Amazon.

Maintain the Garage Door

A poorly maintained garage door is a security risk. If your door is made of thick hardwood, you don’t need to do anything to keep it looking good.

The lifespan of your garage door needs to be long and it needs to work as intended.

  • Look for audible issues. The garage door may need immediate repairs.
  • The door has a balance. A garage door that is not balanced can fall and hurt people nearby.
  • Fix loose hardware. The bolts, nuts, and screws may loosen over time due to the movements of the different garage door parts.
  • Fix faulty components. Don’t wait until the garage door is malfunctioning to fix it.
  • Clean the rollers. Dust and debris can cause damage to the garage door mechanism.

There is a quick solution to enhance your garage door’s security shown in the video.

Final Words

The emergency release system is used to open a garage door. Users may need to break into their garage to get their backups.

Ensure that you practice property preventive and safety measures while trying to protect your home from harm.

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