Top 22 Best Strapless Bras

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The right bra will affect your entire look. There are certain outfits that require a bra. All of these styles look better with a bra that directs attention to where it should be, not on your bra. Zenere is a celebrity hairdresser who works with some of the biggest names in the business. There isn’t anything worse when a gorgeous look is broken up by the appearance of something.

The bras have come a long way. Palep notes that today’s options often have convertible straps so you can make them a multi-purpose bra solution. Added details make them more comfortable. Silicone grips are often added to improve staying power, and side Boning is sometimes added for more support strapless bras are an obvious choice for shoulder-baring garments. Zenere calls them a go-to when décolletage is in the spotlight.

The different types of strapless bras

Palep says, “This is your basic underwire bra, worn under just about every strapless, halter, one-shoulder, cut-out or thin strap option.”

Palep says that the wireless styles are simple to pull on and wear. They are especially great under backless styles.

Palep says that the bra is incredibly versatile. There are straps that can be removed or added to give you a regular bra.

It is also possible to have two bras in one. Palep explains that the straps can be removed or added to give you a regular bra style.

Palep says that these are designed to be worn under plunge-front tops so your bra does not peek out.

Palep notes that they disappear under tops and clothes.

Zenere has sticky bras for A-B cups. They allow for an open back look.

How to find the best strapless bra

Each option in the bra market claims to be more supportive and comfortable than the next one. Which ones are winners and which ones are flopping? Zenere says to experiment with size. Your normal bra size may be different in this area because a strapless bra needs to have a stronger cinch.

Palep says that if the bra isn’t comfortable, don’t buy it. Don’t buy one because you don’t like it. If you don’t already own a bra, go for something else. Palep says that an option with convertible,removable straps gives you more bang for your buck.

Keep scrolling to find the best bras.

Top Strapless Bras for Women

Savage X Fenty Strapless Bra

Best Overall

This high-shine neutral option has over 400 glowing reviews and we wouldn’t expect anything else from the brand. The underwire bra has a smooth feel that hugs your curves and is size inclusive. No matter what you are doing, it stays up. It is a great choice to wear under a wedding gown. The molded foam cups have plenty of nipple coverage and the silicone lining on the interior top and bottom ensures no slippage.

You can buy the women’s bra for $59.

Lively The Smooth Strapless Bundle

Best Strapless Bra for Sports

Zenere recommends the bundle from Lively. The bra is black and nude. Each has a classic balconette shape with lightly padded, smooth cups for a fit that feels and looks great under your favorite tee. The style has a wide band and supports the girls at the sides. This bra was supportive enough for people to wear while playing sports, in lieu of an actual sports bra. Size up if you are between band sizes.

The bundle is $90

Wacoal Halo Lace Convertible Underwire Bra

Best Non-Molded Strapless Bra

There is a robust online following for this bra. Many reviewers write about how comfortable the brushed interior fabric is. The bra is kept in place for hours with the help of the silicone band on the top. It is not a pushup bra. One buyer says that if you don’t like the natural shape of your boobs under clothes, don’t get it, but if you do, it’s one of the best bras for bigger girls. A lot of reviewers recommend changing bras.

Buy now for $40-$74

Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria Lightly-Lined Strapless Bra

Best Convertible

The Victoria’s Secret bra can be worn in a variety of styles. It is ideal for trips because it can be worn as a regular bra. You can convert it later for special occasions. The material and lining look great under the fabric. Another reviewer says that the smooth finish bra is the perfect option to wear under warm-weather clothing, and that it can even pass for a cami under low-cut shirts. The bra is available in different sizes.

Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Body is a bra.

Cosabella Sicilia Strapless Bra

Best Lacy

The underwire lace bra from Cosabella is sexy. Palep notes that it has eyelash trim detailing which can be seen from your top. The bra is meant to be seen. It works best for small busts as it is not supportive and the size is limited.

Cosabella Sicilia Strapless Bra $95 Buy Now

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bandeau Bralette

Best Lace Bandeau for Small Breasts

It is ideal for small breasts. Reviewers note that the cups are not supportive. The style is long enough to double as a top if you don’t have support. It is made from Hanky Panky’s signature stretch-lace fabric. It is a classic staple that you can reach for over and over again.

The Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bandeau Braette is $39-$42.

Skims Fits Everbody Bandeau Bra

Best Bandeau

The skims brand can do no wrong, and this bandeau bra is another winner. The soft fabric is made of Max-Stretch technology that hugs your curves without squeezing to offer a lift. One reviewer states that her boobs don’t weigh it down. It fits better than a bra. The pullover style has a smooth fabric underneath it. It comes in nine nude tones and a few colorful seasonal options.

Skims Fits Everbody Bandeau Bra $28 Buy Now

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra

Best Strapless Bra for Large Breasts

The bra is called the Red Carpet bra. Thanks to the seamless cups, the nylon bra is almost invisible under clothes. It is ideal for plus-size women and has an underwire that holds up larger cups. One reviewer said it was true to size, held everything in its proper place, and didn’t shift over the course of the day and night. The four back clasps help the bra feel very secure and prevent it from slipping down, as well as the side Boning that keeps the bra from collapsing.

The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra is $60.

Elomi Smooth Full Figure Strapless Underwire Bra

Also Consider for Large Breasts

This is a good pick for the well-endowed. The Elomi bra is made of a smooth fabric that can be worn under thinner tops with no detection and has a whopping four hook-and-eye closing system on the backside. Reviewers note how sturdy the cups are and how they offer a little lift. One person wrote that the bra feels amazingly supportive. My breasts were in place. I have been wanting to wear tank tops and spaghetti straps.

Elomi Smooth Full Figure Strapless Underwire Bra is $68.

NuBra Silicone 3D Bra Cups

Best Strapless Sticky Bra

If the occasion calls for a low cut, backless dress, NuBra is an excellent solution. This bra is not highlighted for being supportive since it is limited in cup size natural yoga wears. One reviewer said it was a really good push-up bra. The style is a top seller at Revolve, which sells a lot of low-cut cocktail dresses. You don’t have to worry about it moving because it’s made with medical grade glue. It is on the expensive side at $65, but it also has the benefit of being easy to clean.

NuBra Silicone 3D Bra Cups $65 Buy Now

Fashion Forms Seamless U-Plunge Bra

Best to Wear With Plunging Necklines

Zenere points out that Fashion Forms is one brand she uses in her kit. This bra is perfect for a plunging neckline. It accommodates a variety of cup sizes. The padded cups sculpt and define the bust and the tight seamless construction ensures edges will disappear under the curves of gowns. You can wear the straps in a halter or cross over manner.

Fashion Forms Seamless U-Plunge bra $36 Buy Now

Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Flirtie Bandeau Bra

Best Strapless Bra for Lounging

There is a cult following for this bra. The brand’s signature soft, stretchy and sheer lace material is what makes the bandeau so comfortable. It is designed for larger busts. The cups are not padded, but there is a power mesh at the front. One reviewer says that this is a mid-support bandeau. It is not overly constructed or skimpy. It might not be the best option if you like a lot of support. It is fine for lounging around. I would prefer more support under my clothes.

Cosabella never say never bra is $44-$85

Felina Body Luxe Convertible Strapless Underwire Contour Bra

Best Convertible, Runner-Up

One reviewer dubbed this underwire option from Felina a “strapless nirvana”. It is made of a nylon material that is soft and silky and can be layers under delicate fabrics. You can wear it with or without straps. The buyer writes that this is the only bra she has ever worn all day. I forgot to wear it. It runs slightly snug in the band, so go for a size up in width and cup size down if you want it to fit.

The Felina Body Luxe is a bra.

Skims Mesh Strapless Underwire Bra

Best Non-Padded

Skims has an underwire option for those who want more support without the padding. The buyers agree that the lightweight mesh option is supportive and comfortable. It has two layers of power-stretch mesh that suck everything in and keep sweat away. One buyer shares that he bought the same size at Victoria’s Secret. If you love thin and mesh, you should buy it. One shopper says this style is a favorite to wear with tanks and off-the-shoulder tops.

Skims Mesh Strapless Underwire Bra $48 Buy Now

Fashion Forms Self-Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra

Best Silicone Stickies

If you don’t want to support a larger chest, nipple covers are a good way to do that. Zenere uses the Fashion Forms stickies with her clients. Silicone is used to make the pads that stick to your skin. The petals are a little thicker and have a little more lift than other petals.

Fashion Forms Self-Adhesive Backless Bra.

Commando Double Take Bandeau

Best Bandeau, Runner-Up

There is a seamless front side and a sexy sheer backside. It is wire-free but still supportive according to one reviewer. It is an in-between bra, meaning you can wear it when you don’t want to go braless, but still be comfortable. One buyer says that many of the other bras are too padded and structured. The style is available in two different sizes.

Commando Double Take Bandeau $64 Buy Now

Free People Nina Neo Bandeau

Also Consider Best Bandeau

The Free People bandeau is very attractive to buyers. One shopper said that it was a little thicker than he expected, so there was no concern about it being see-through. Free People’s signature scuba-inspired material is incorporated into the fabric with a lightweight, second skin feel. The elastic hems on the pull-on style are perfect for your shape. It has a good amount of support and gives a natural breast shape. You can get it in a variety of colors, from nude to pink.

Free People Nina Neo Bandeau $38 Buy Now

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Best Strapless Bodysuit

You want more than just your breasts to feel lifted when you wear a bodycon dress. The ultimate supportive undergarment is theSpanx strapless bodysuit. The fabric is lightweight yet still hugs you. The clean-cut leg openings are hidden under clingy dresses, and they have an easy-access gusset. If you want to buy per bra size, make sure to check the brand’s size first.

You can buy the fancy strapless cupped mid-thigh bodysuit for $88.

Natori Bliss Perfection Strapless Contour Underwire Bra

Palep likes the practicality of this bra. It’s unique in that it clings to the ribcage for security. Thanks to the hidden elastic layer, it is not tight. The underwire bra has stretchable fabric and stretch foam pads. Should you choose to use them, the bra also comes with a variety of straps that can be adjusted to fit your body type.

Natori Bliss is a bra.

Brassybra Second Skin Invisible Adhesive Bra

Best Breast Tape

The stick-ons are recommended by Zenere. You can use breast tape to make your own bra, but you have to learn how to use it. All my clients use it. They are a new take on the nipple cover. They are made from a thin, stretchy medical-grade fabric that is invisible. They will last through dancing or swimming. There are three one-time bra sets in each box. You can choose from a range of skin tones in sizes A/B, C/D orDD/DD.

The second skin of Brassybra is in a different color.

Lively The No-Wire Strapless Bra

Best Lightly Padded

One reviewer calls this bra from Lively a game-changing accessory. The non-slip silicone strip at the top of the cups has people talking. It is my new favorite and provides all of the support I need, not to mention I don’t have to constantly adjust and pull it up throughout. The cups have just enough nipple coverage for you to feel comfortable.

Lively The No-Wire Strapless $45 Buy Now

The forms lift it up.

Fashion Forms’ Lift It Up bra is a staple in celebrity styling. It covers sizes from A toDD. A pushup effect without all the material is a game-changing effect. The shape of the pads is unique and offers full coverage. The thick, gel-like pads look natural under clothing and offer a comfortable fit that mimics the sensation of going braless. The reviewer said that the worked great. If I could, I would wear them every day.

The Fashion Forms Lift It Up are available for sale.

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