Xamarin App Development – Top 10 Most Popular Apps Built With Xamarin Technology

Code re-usability, quick time-to-market, nativeUI, multiple platform compatibility, and performance are just a few of the amazing features of Xamarin. The framework is a profitable solution for businesses that are based in a wide range of domains.

This is the reason why the world’s leading tech giants are looking to hire Xamarin developers for their business app development needs.

One can see the tremendous potential of Xamarin in various industries. In this article, we will show you the 10 most popular apps that are built using Xamarin and have grabbed the attention of people around the world.

1. Just Giving: Online Fundraising Platform

The Just Giving app is built with cross- platform technology. The app can be used to raise donations from all over the world and connect them with donors in other countries. The app can be used to request donations, track raised funds, and share cause.

2. Storyo: Storytelling Video Maker App

Storyo is a mobile application. The app allows users to create videos out of photos and present them in a story form with contextual information. The app is used in 170 countries.

Category: Photo & Video

3. The World Bank: Survey Conducting App

The World Bank has an app. The organization used to use legacy paper and laptop-based methods to conduct surveys, which was inconvenient and time consuming. The app can collect data from a large number of people on their phones and tablets.

4. FreshDirect: Online Food & Grocery

You can order from a big catalog of 15K products through the FreshDirect app. There are some amazing features in the Xamarin built app that include visual Studio for Mac, HockeyApp, and automated app testing and updates. This app was a hit among users worldwide because of its potential capabilities.

How much does it cost to build a food delivery application?

Category: Food (On-demand)

5. Insightly: CRM and Project Management

Insightly, a popular project management and customer relationship management app, has over 200,000 downloads around the world. The sales team is kept up to date with all the information they need to close a deal. Insightly share 65% of the code for the two platforms.

6. MRW Courier Mobile App

MRW is a mobile app that allows users to track their shipments and keep a watch on their order status at any time. You can find and contact the nearest MRW office with the app.

Category: Maps & Navigation

7. Alaska Airlines- A Travel App

The Alaska Airlines companion app has been around for 75 years. This is the first North American airline that helps users explore options, book trips, check-in, and find flight information. Touch ID, push notifications, and seamless experience are some of the native features in the app.

Category: Tour & Travel

8. Transistor Games App

After it was developed for PC and Xbox, it was transformed into a mobile game. The app gives game lovers an amazing experience. One of the best games apps on the App Store was selected.

9. APX: Environmental Asset Tracker App

deskless workers can benefit from the Environmental asset tracker app. With the help of the app, field service mechanics can communicate and operate through body gestures. The app captures and tracks work-in-progress by clicking field pictures and videos and maintains great coordination between ground and aerial staff.

10. Evolve – Health Made Simple

A healthy life being easily accessible to anyone is the motto of the Evolve healthcare app. A daily workout plan app development website is included in the Xamarin app. The app allows you to stay healthy with a daily meal plan designed by certified dieticians. Voice support and a barcode facility are available in this app.

Category: Health & Fitness

Planning to Develop your Next App with Xamarin?

The mobile app business is booming because of the number of people using it. Xamarin is a cross- platform app development technology that is quite versatile. If you want to expand your business on multiple mobile platforms, you can choose to use Xamarin.

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